C h r i s t i a n  C h u r c h

Who We Are

Our Passion: Proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ for the glory of God.

Our Identity: We are a vibrant and diverse community of people who love Jesus. We worship Him in unity, build genuine relationships, and lead Christ-centred lives in the world.

Our Desire:

  • To see lives redeemed and transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We pursue this through the person and work of Jesus Christ, who through His life, death, and resurrection is Saviour and Lord of all. He has conquered the power of sin and death through the cross and has eternally redeemed and reconciled all who believe unto God the Father by grace through faith. Therefore, He is our reason for living, our doctrinal foundation, our eternal hope, our source of growth, and is worthy of all worship.
  • To see the church expand by making and equipping disciples of Christ. We pursue this through our commitment to the way of Jesus. Humanity is created in the image of God and disciples of Jesus are called to reclaim and establish that reality as the unified body of Christ in the world. Therefore, we believe in building a loving community as a means to grow more into Christ’s likeness. As disciples of Jesus, we encourage each other in our faith and spiritual growth, deepen our knowledge of God’s written word, and create opportunity to cultivate our unique gifts and callings through serving one another.
  • To see the glory of God made evident within our church. We have been called in Christ to be living examples of God’s love and of His glorious Kingdom. We pursue this by placing a deep dependancy on the presence of God the Father and on the ministry of His indwelling Holy Spirit to unify us, guide us in good works, and lead us into all truth. We tangibly exhibit His love and presence in us by loving one another as Christ has loved us and through regularly meeting together for worship, communion, prayer, and the reading and teaching of scripture.
  • To see the Kingdom of God made known throughout our city and the world. We pursue this through our response to Christ’s commandment to preach the good news to everyone. We’ve been empowered by the Holy Spirit, saved into God’s presence, unified as the Church, and given His Word; this is not just for ourselves, but to compel us in faith and power to love our neighbour and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. Therefore, we see eternal value in cultivating a culture of evangelism, supporting missions and other ministries, giving generously, serving those in need, and sending people out to minister to the lost.

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